key accomplishments

Co-leading the national team that is tasked with updating the brand strategy and audience segmentation for the Kaiser Permanente enterprise. (2020-2021)

Developed and deployed Kaiser Permanente’s “region’s leading health system” positioning and developed the value propositions and messaging that matched the enterprise’s key attributes to Jungian value drivers uncovered through audience research that I developed. Willingness to consider rose by 50% after exposure to the advertising leveraging those messages. (2019-2020)

Created the Future Baltimore brand, a partnership between community leadership, Kaiser Permanente, and Bon Secours Hospital System under whose banner the enterprise has been able to raise over $1MM to combat food, safety, and economic insecurity in Central Baltimore. (2018-2019)

Crafted the positioning, visual identity, and tone of voice for the Capital One Home Loans line of business that addressed audience value drivers. The new system outperformed control 7:1 in in-market tests. (2012)

Developed and deployed a $3MM regional brand campaign leveraging psychographic segments, generating lift of positive perceptions of Kaiser Permanente by 10% and willingness to consider by 12% from 2021 baseline over the course of the 6-month campaign. (2022)

Developed and executed the $8MM omni-channel marketing strategy, campaign, and operations to support the $900MM+ Medicare line of business at Kaiser Permanente. The campaign platforms were created from the insights gleaned from qualitative and quantitative research. Using this data to inform the audience model, the campaigns for the Annual Enrollment Period increased Medicare enrollments by 50% YoY, and reduced acquisition costs per  enrollment by 73% YoY, generating a 36:1 ROAS. (2020)

During the height of COVID lockdowns, developed and deployed a campaign promoting Kaiser Permanente’s telehealth capabilities to members and prospects. Ad recall of related messages was 31%, with 43% of respondents indicating an improved opinion of Kaiser Permanente. (2020)

Developed and deployed service line and medical excellence campaigns for Kaiser Permanente to improve perceptions of the quality of the care provided by KP. Willingness to consider rose in the general market by 20% and in a key market segment by 40% over a two-year period. (2019-2021)

Contributed to the creation of the Kaiser Permanente Brand Pulse – a quarterly survey that measures the effect of our advertising on message recall, effect on brand equity, and willingness to consider. (2018)

Team leadership
Grew the Kaiser Permanente in-house creative and marketing operations team from five to twenty-four. Developed the team from print-focused executions to websites/landing pages, digital display, media planning, social media, and digital/broadcast video. Celebrated two contractor-to-FTE conversions, and six team promotions. (2015-2022)

Created a team from scratch at Capital One
to support Bank Brand marketing for the Home Loans, Commercial Banking, and Small Business lines of business. Two contractor conversions, one FTE promotion. (2011-2015)

Vocational Education
Developed and taught a digital marketing course at Wilmington University that focused on the principles of digital marketing, audience segmentation, online behaviors, usability design and information architecture/taxonomies, and persona development. (2005-2012)

Developed and currently teach a content strategy course at Georgetown University that focused on the psychographic implications of demographics, value drivers, audience-specific value propositions, persona development, principles of storytelling, and hands-on content development. Awarded Georgetown’s 2020 Tropaia Award for Best Faculty. (2015-present)

Leader of the Kaiser Permanente internal creative team with 47 awards for executions from Graphic Design USA, Tellys, and Healthcare Marketing Awards. (2016-2020)

Developed and implemented a new creative brief and client intake process at Kaiser Permanente using software as a service (SaaS) to improve speed to market, project documentation, compliance adherence, and streamline project-related communication. (2015-2019)

Led the development of an enterprise Out of Home strategy and visual system that focused on Kaiser Permanente’s core competencies. (2020)

Led the development of a Kaiser Permanente campaign promoting the HPV vaccine to parents of pre-teen children. The campaign won several industry awards and was picked up the national enterprise and Merck Pharmaceuticals. (2016)

Led the creative deployment of a 100K miles direct mail package promotion for Capital One Home Loans that generated a 45% boost in response with 70% less mail. (2013)

Manage $17MM annual media budget across four lines of business. (2017-present)

Built policies, processes, criteria, and staff to stand up an in-house digital analytics team, creating an end-to-end digital marketing deployment capability. (2019-present)

Conducted research and market segmentation analysis to uncover Kaiser Permanenete’s top prospects in the Medicare space to inform an omni-channel digital media plan. Each tactic was tied to a conversion goal with relevant landing pages on the Medicare website. Drove an average 3% shopping site conversion rate and ultimately grew online enrollment by 37%,  making the Mid Atlantic the highest growth region in the company. (2021)

Explored and invested in new platforms like Reddit to drive deeper brand engagement for the Kaiser Permanente Care on Demand campaign. Implemented a social media listening program to gather insights and responses to in-market creative. (2020)

Public Speaking
Content Strategy Workshop for Howard University Office of Communications: Washington, DC (2022)

Psychographic Segmentation and Content Strategy presentation for Association of National Advertisers: Orlando (2022)

Story as Strategy presentation for Association of National Advertisers: New York, Kansas City, Washington, DC (2018, 2019, 2020)

Story as Strategy workshop for AQUENT Boot Camp: virtual (2020)

Story as Strategy presentation for 2020 DINFOS Social Media Forum (US Department of Defense Public Affairs & Communication Strategy Directorate) (2020)

Non-Profit Marketing Strategy: Washington, DC (2020)

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